Friday, May 15, 2009

Warning about Carrageenan side effects

Bridget mums - warning about any FOOD label that lists itself as being: ALL NATURAL , NO PRESERVATIVES etc. as it can be misleading.

My kids had a reaction to the chemical number 412, 407 in the Lactose Free Milk. Then they had a reaction to the other All Natural Milk.

The ingredients listed in the all natural milk are such, milk, sugar, malt, cocoa , carrageenan. As a general rule I only glance now days for numbers eg. 631, 621, 481 etc... but many companies get around this by listing the botanical name.
In this instance, Carrageenan, a natural product, but not naturally found in milk, turns into a jelly like form and helps bond the chocolate and milk together. It is an extract from a sea weed and very similar to agar.

What is undesirable about it , is the fact it stimulates glutamate in the body and is similar to MSG or any sodium glutamate. Personally they make me thirsty, snappy, give me a headache and i wake up like i had a glass of wine too many. Obviously in my kids it leads to hyper-activity and silliness. Oh yes, they all immediately go to the toilet after they have any thing with it in.

So be ware of chocolate milks, yogurts, milo and icecream as they are often used in those products. if your kids play up after eating those things, look for carrageenan, or 407, 412 on the indredients list and you will know the kids have an intolerance to that additive.

good luck mummy and daddy bridgets


Holly said...

A friend pointed me to your blog when she saw the subject. My son is allergic to carrageenan and the doctors all try to write it off.

lelumarie said...

Thank you! I get excited when I see any posts published about this allergy!

After I discovered my allergy to this on my own -- using a diet diary, family help, and scouring the web-- I started a page for this when there was no where else to collectively go online.

If any one would like to share any information in the future, just let me know; it would be great to pass along.
It's about support and awareness, but it is nice to keep updated about ongoings.

kerrie said...
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kerrie said...

Thank you for posting this information. Unfortunately glutamate is an all-too-common food additive, snuck in to products under a variety of names. Even the malt in your All-Natural Milk could be suspect. For a list of ingredients that contain or produce processed free glutamic acid, visit:

LynnieKennie said...

Wow, I never even thought that this might be an allergy, ONLY that there was a toxic ingredient in many products ONLY because the FDA says that they CAN do it. This ingredient being added to our food supply is NOT a necessary one and it is DEADLY. It is about the dollar power that the carrageenan Companies have with the FDA and the Government. There is a LONG/HUGE list of testimonials posted from hundreds of people that have been affected in a dramatic way by this toxin, carrageenan. I thought that I had Diverticulosous or was just dying. I learned about this toxin from a Face Book post by Food Babe. I am now free from ALL of the products that I had been using that contained this TOXIC ingredient. Please do the research and help rid our food supply from this DEADLY DECEPTION. Lynn

Veronica Baum said...

Can you boil milk that has this additive in it and will it disintegrate ? Or disappear?

Lynn Winters said...

There is Allergic, sensitive, intolerant, and other levels of TOXIC effects. However, because of Carrageenan, I have become COMPLETELY ALLERGIC to ALL dairy products. The reason is because it damages the intestinal tract, causing a LONG healing time to get back to normal.

Carrageenan is a CARCINOGEN. So, NO, you can NOT boil it out, it isn't a vapor, it is a SUBSTANCE.

Could you boil out arsenic? NO, and if someone suggested that you could and then the products containing it would be safe, would you BELIEVE it?

Another thing to consider is that Monsanto has made our seed, soil, and produce, including what is being fed to our livestock TOXIC, as well.

So, I am NOW unable to eat anything that is NOT Organic and NON-GMO. My digestion and intestinal tract was COMPLETELY trashed by those two situations combined; BUT Carrageenan is STILL a CARCINOGEN.

Flora Van Orden said...

Carageenan is from the seaweed Kombo. It was added to baby foods and as many other foods as could be found to need taste enhancement after WWII, after our troops found that Japanese foods with Kombo (otherwise known as MSG or monosodium glutamate) tasted so much better than our K-rations. Then, after research, it was found that MSG/Kombo/carageenan killed brain and eye cells within 1 hour and led to rages, really negative behaviors, Alzheimer's like loss of or prevention of memory, and more that can be learned if you read the book, "NeuroToxins: The Taste That Kills". After finding out how bad the ingredient was, the names were changed to include "natural flavoring", "whey", and about 15 others. At our afterschool program, one child had a bag of chips that had 7 of those names. He's reading on a first grade level and is in the 4th grade and his behavior is so bad that he has to be monitored constantly and is on meds.

LynnieKennie said...

I am totally NOT Surprised.